Network Night In Louisville Making Connections

Just a quick note about Network Night in Louisville, March 19 2009. Making Connections Network, about 60 people most coming from doorknocking the day before..convened at St. Boniface. It was a great room with alot of energy. They did the connection bingo which was alot of fun. Then Tanya led “New and Good”  – a Testimony element where people stand up and offer something that might be new and/or good in their lives. It was high energy moment..about 1/2 of those in attendence testified….and a great and wonderful range of stories…

The Louisville Cardinals seated #1 in the NCAA Tournament

A woman just got a job interview at Norton Medical Center

A Woman’s kids just got really good grades in school

A man has just been released from prison after 5 years

A woman is driving again

A man just got a new Liver!!!

I liked this element, it brought a positive energy to the room, invited everyone to share in good news, gave people a glimpse of each others lives, established the room as a room of positive people willing to share blessings and advice.

Next Element was “New You Can Use”…with a variety of network parters invited to make announcements about opportunities (like job training openings, new times for GED classes etc)…alot of give and take, questions, people offering advice. One woman asked about GED and talked about how she was embarrassed to go to the center and ask directly…several people gave her encouragement in the moment…one woman said..”Going back to school is a Beautiful Thing darlin’.”

Following that ..of course…food and a couple raffles….they got a bunch of new members and were able to do a bunch of hook ups to partners.


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