‘Network 101’ in Louisville

The Network in Louisville has a unique approach to cultivating leadership and stewardship of their network…called Network 101. This is how it works:

Each month the network holds a Network Night which happens on a Thursday Night. Throughout the month, Organizers invite members to participate in “Network 101″ – a training in how the network works. Participants then spend the week of Network Night in the following way.
Tuesday Night: An orientation to the Making Connections Network and some network weaver exercises – like “the power of we.” Also, some tactical talk about last minute outreach for the network night on thursday – including the plan for the “SLAM” – which is a doorknocking blitz in the area of the netowork night the evening before.
Wednesday Night: participants take part in the SLAM…2-3 hours of targeted outreach and doorknocking for the network night.
Thursday Night: Particpants take a specific role in managing or leading the network night, from sign up to greeting, to leading an exercise etc.
Friday: There is a ‘graduation lunch’ where the Network night is debriefed, 101’s get to provide thier thoughts and ideas for the network and there is a graduation to “power member” and lunch.



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