The Core Elements of The LCW Network Environment


The Elements of the LCW Network Environment

The Elements of the LCW Network Environment

The Network-Centric Environment at LCW has, at its core, the idea of exchange – a “give/get” principal. In this way it is essentially a market place. Moving outward the environment is governed by 4 Elements:

Peer to Peer Engagement: Intentionality and resources supporting the maximum interactions among members. This happens in special events, as components of all programs and classes etc., and in the cohort approach to most of the activities in the Network.

Form Follows Function: Applying this test to all structures in the network to make sure that we are not over building for the task at hand and that we are staying close to demand – resourcing only the the next iteration of what we want to do and building flexibility and provisionality into our work process.

Low Level Affiliation: A membership environment but with a relaxed, casual feel – more like a club. 

Value and Choice Driven: The central ethos is that you should participate if you find value and you have many choices around how and when and at what level to participate.

These elements are in turn supported and reinforced in three ways: 

Through creating an ‘information rich environment” so that there is plenty of access to good information for members so that the maximum level of self or peer navigation and creation can take place.

Through ‘spaces” that are designed and positioned to be gathering and “bumping” places, where people can cycle through, feel comfortable, linger and feel the safety they need to engage each other.

Through a style of leadership we describe as “weaving”, a process of personal engagement – caring in public life – that facilitates personal interactions and relationship building.


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