Check Out NY Times Series: “Remade in America”

The NY Times series “Remade in America” is a feature on the “newest immigrants and their impact” and this past Sunday’s edition by Jason Deparle features an organization The Latin American Youth Center in Langley Park Maryland — which is very close by to our friends in at Impact Silver Spring in Silver Spring MD. It tells the IMPACT story really, of the influx of new immigrants to more suburban communities and the unique struggles of both the immigrant families and those communities THAT ARE UNDERGOING RAPID CHANGE. Today, about 60 % of immigrants live in the suburbs!!  And its clear that policies – such as they are – that are designed to integrate immigrants into the US are mostly focuse on urban areas.  This installment — part VI – focuses on youth and the ‘faillure of assimilation’ as it is known in policy circles. It’s really “the trouble with adolesence – squared”.  As a society we do not know what to do with young people and havent — probably since we moved from an aggrarian and rural society to an industrial and urban society..and now we are in a service and suburban society! It may be too late for the adults to figure it out. Children of immigrants have the added burden of language barriers and cultural disclocation – as well as the reality of parents who are really busy and under extreme stress. That the proliferation of gangs is one impact of these conditions should not be surprising.  The measures to address this – imagined and underway — are not even close to being enough. Public policy and “urban strategies” have to catch up with the new reality of life in America — extreme diversity and mobility. This means that we can’t comfortably manage this messy “assimilation” behind the walls of blight in dense urban America – assimilation is a core mission of America and now its becoming clear — even to wealthy suburban counties — that that costs and the burdens of that mission need to be shared.  “DESPIERTA ”  AMERICA!  ITS A NEW WORLD!


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