In The Neighborhood With Delmy Rosales; LCW Weaver

I had the great privilege to spend part of this past Saturday canvassing on Lawrence’s main streets for the YES WE WILL campaign with Delmy Rosales. To be honest, I was mostly being schooled by Delmy on how to do effective weaving — connecting with people and having short but impactful conversations. Our task was to talk to people about YES WE WILL and try to get people to join the campaign, by signing the YES WE WILL Pledge. Thus far over 600 Lawrence registered voters have joined the YES WE WILL Campaign.  On Saturday we canvassed on Essex St. and some of Broadway. We were one of 3 teams out during the day. I have had great respect for Ms. Rosales for a long time, but I have to say i was so impressed by her skill and her genuine sincerity, empathy and curiosity in all of her interactions with residents that day. Delmy embodies so much of the ideal of the “weaver” that we talk about and teach each other in the LCW Network — principally starting with a deep respect for people and thier voices.  Here is a short compilation video with some images of our canvassing and some of Delmy and company’s reflections afterward. Enjoy.


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