YES WE WILL Outreach Blitz Yields Over 200 New Members

YWW Crowd

This past Saturday almost 50 volunteers fanned out across the City of Lawrence to recruit new members to the YES WE WILL campaign for New Politics in the City. Volunteers went door to door, walked the city’s main streets and prowled the shopping centers to talk to fellow residents about the need for everyone to get involved in electing our political leadership. (See Yes We Will page and Website for more Campaign Information.) In a 3 1/2 hour blitz 210 new campaign members were recruited, bringing the total Campaign Membership to 840. We are well on our way to our Goal of 1000 members by our June 17th Campaign Kick-Off Press Conference.  In the weeks ahead we will be doing more blitzes an also working the June Latino Festivals. Great work by Spencer, Nelson, Altagracia and Delmy and dozens of volunteers. Listen to the testimony of Tu Le who joined the campaign and came out to volunteer on Saturday.

More Pics of the Day!!


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