LCW Part of YPP Institute in Jackson MS

Participants in the YPP Summer Institute at Jackson State

Participants in the YPP Summer Institute at Jackson State

The Young People’s Project YPP brought together over 40 highschool students from all over Mississippi for a Summer Institute focused on Activism and Media. LCW was there, teaching sessions on NeighborCircles and Transforming Space.  LCW has been partnering with YPP since last fall on buildng a network in Mississippi. Alma Couverthie and myself spent the better part of a week at Jackson State and at “the House”, a YPP owned 3 acre property outside of Jackson that will be used as one of the principal YPP centers in the south.  Insitute members participated in the full Neighborcircle curriculum usually done with adult activists. The training includes sophisticated ‘consensus decision making’ techniques as well as group facilitation skills and strategies. At “The House”, members participated in a day of “Swarming and Tagging”, an excercise designed to help these young people “Notice, Own and Begin to Re-Shape” the 3 acres and large sprawling home into a youth center. In three teams, they moved through every inch of the property making decisions on what to fix, what to remove, what to change, and what to improve. In the session they also explored the concept of Form Follows Function, deciding what core YPP functions should happen on the site and what kind of behaviors the space should encourage (feed) and discourage (starve). Stay tuned for a video on the Swarming and Tagging exercise! Congrats to April, Albert, Antwan, Kevin and all the college students and trainers for putting on the Institute!!Untitled 0 00 11-23


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