Over 250 Attend Historic First “Filing Day” Celebration

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Candidates are introduced on the steps of LCW's Hennigan Center

Yes We Will is a campaign to increase engagement in the political process in Lawrence.  As a part of that strategy, on August 7th, YWW organizers hosted the first annual “Filing Day Celebration” to celebrate the democratic process, thank candidates for running and provide a mixer for personal voter/candidate interactions. Over 250 residents and 30 candidates for school committee, city council and the mayor’s race came out in the sunshine to meet and greet with music and lots of food.  As a part of the program, every candidate was introduced individually to the crowd to great ovation and was given a “Candidates Goody Bag” with useful items like Dr, Shoul’s foot pads, anti-bacterial hand lotion and a small telescope to, as Altagracia Portorreal put it, “keep your eye on the future of Lawrence as you run for office.” It was a wonderful night of fun and unity and we hope that Filing Day will become a tradition in the political process – a day to mark the start of the campaign and to thank those who put themselves on the line to represent the people of Lawrence.


One thought on “Over 250 Attend Historic First “Filing Day” Celebration

  1. Anthony Smith says:

    Great Work. We are watching and learning.

    Peace and Blessings,

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