Staff Serve Members in Network Thanksgiving Event

The LCW Network has hundreds of volunteers who put many thousands of hours into making Lawrence CommunityWorks the effective and engaging environment that it is day in and day out. This year, led by Membership Coordinator Altagracia Portorreal, we have started a new tradition – giving thanks for all the wonderful people who make up the network. So on November 20th, the LCW staff served a Pot-Luck Thanksgiving Dinner to over 160 Network Volunteers!  It was a wonderful evening of fellowship and fun – with lots of good food and moving testimony from members and staff about the past year of success and struggle and personal transformation. Much of the Network is run by member volunteers, including almost 25 “MemberLink” positions which typically require 30 hours per month. Last years Network Member Convention utilized over 110 volunteers who logged an estimated 1200 hours in planning, set up, child care, facilitation, food service, translation, guiding, registration, outreach and stage managing. Network members are routinely involved in planning and organizing events such as network nights and open house events, FAB fundraisers and socials, and communtiy meetings. This years “YES WE WILL” campaign had over 1000 members and over 80 regular volunteer who did doorknocking and canvassing, registered voters and put on 3 major events: The YWW Kick Off, the YWW Filing Day Celebration and the YWW Mayoral candidates Forum — collectively these events were attended by over 800 people. Members engagement and volunteer coordination is the work of all staff in all departments at LCW, but the process is coordinated by Collective Action and Mobilization (CAM) and mostly by Altagracia with support from Nelson Butten and Spencer Buckholz. Prior to joining the staff last February, Altagracia had been a long time LCW Network member. We are lucky to have her and blessed to have som many incredible talented and dedicated members who give so much of themselves to make this Network WORK!!


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